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Did you know that by the time you purchase vegetables at the supermarket, your food has traveled land or sea, transported to a distributor, and then loaded onto trucks before arriving at your local supermarket? Your food sits around for weeks, months, even over a year before they are purchased by you, the consumer. Cut out the middle man & go straight to the source of your food. All our vegetables are locally grown and are harvested at the perfect ripening stage during the growing season. They are freshly picked for you every week which means that they are optimal in flavour and nutritional value. What's the most exciting part? We do what we do for you so that we can donate the same high quality foods to local charity food programs. Now isn't that worth being a part of? 
Every Veggie Share gives you farm to table vegetables from now until the end of October. 
Classic Shares: Feeds up to four people / Choose 5 vegetable varieties and 1 herb every week
Hearty Shares: Feeds up to six people / Choose 8 vegetable varieties and 2 herbs every week.


Veggie Share option at checkout: Farmer's Choice

During checkout, specify that you'd want your share to be filled with our Farmer's choice varieties. This is perfect for people who want to try new things and welcome an element of surprise in their lives. Another bonus? You won't have to worry about filling out the weekly  order forms.

 See our pick up location details here or add-on a delivery service

What Customers Say

"I've never tried a farm share before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. That said, no matter what expectations I had were surpassed tremendously! Sparrow & Co. made seasonal eating so much better and more exciting! I loved trying new veggies each week and getting to see what was in season. You can tell that the produce is picked at its prime; the flavour is incomparable to anything you'd find at a store"
Veggie Share Reviews
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