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We Continue To Look

It has been difficult to concentrate on looking for land in the last while. Our hearts and prayers have been elsewhere, overseas, watching as many exodus their homeland. There is one couple in particular that we have been able to "journey with" in a way as one of us knows them and we receive updates. They have had to make the difficult decision to split up for the time being. The wife leaving for a safe country, the husband remaining...

I am reminded of Afghanistan last year. As my son took driving lessons, his driving instructor was on the phone trying desperately to get his family out before the Taliban took an iron grip.

And the world aches, because these are things we never desired to have happen. And now with technology, it feels so much closer to us than it did before. We have online friends, or friends we had met somewhere in the world, who are now in danger of their lives. And this can feel overwhelming to us because we think, "What am I able to do?".

But I am encouraged to see the Ukrainians stand their ground for their home land, to see the generosity of countries who have reached out to help and even to see Russian citizens who disagree with their leaders doing what they can to protest. It encourages me to do what I can where I am.

These world events may make us feel despondent and paralyzed in despair. I push back against my own feelings of helplessness by looking for what good I can do with what is in front of me. It may not be perfect but if I don't attempt it, it will never get done. What I can do is grow food. I can grow food for our community and for those who really need fresh, nutritious food and can't afford it.

So we look for land. We look at options. I plant the peppers and pray they have a land to take root in.

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