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The Storm

On Saturday I met the farmer who uses the same land as us and as he was leaving we both received a warning from environment Canada that a dangerous storm was being tracked in our area. Not having a house near by, we both decided to get moving. He left with his wife right away in their car and I cleaned up quickly, hopped into the van and then the wind hit. The rain shooting sideways instead of down.

As I drove down the driveway the trees on both side seemed to reach out to touch me. I got to a safe place and waited it out. How could a storm come so fast and leave just as suddenly? When the sun came out again I fixed the blown tarps and row covers and got back to work planting kale and collards and leeks.

The same time I was getting to safety, my incredible family back in Scarborough was quickly bringing in all the seedlings from the greenhouse and taking down the greenhouse tarp so it wouldn't become a giant kite. They were pelted with hail and my youngest swears there are bruises.

Only these cucumbers seemed to have any damage.

It wasn't until my ride home that I saw the damage this storm caused. Trees laid across the roads causing us to funnel to one lane. Farmers were out checking their boundaries, a barn roof was broken and will take a lot to fix.

Thank you to my family for everything they do for Sparrow and our hearts are with those who took more damage.

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