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The Food Crisis

Updated: May 26, 2020

     Last week, Sparrow & Co. was contacted by M.I.N.D. who let us know that the need for fresh food in their community has tripled since we last connected. Before the coronavirus, they had identified the need for five Hearty Shares that would feed about 20 people in their program. Much has changed in our world since then with the implementation of new government regulations for social and physical distancing. In the span of six weeks, businesses shut down, restaurants closed their dining rooms, and fast-food restaurants limited their service to take out and/or drive-through windows. There is heightened demand for grocery store and household products with locations running short on supplies. Access to public parks and places, washrooms and facilities all locked down or closed down.

     The M.I.N.D. program runs their community food program in what is called a "food desert." There are no easy access routes to grocery stores or food banks. In fact, food banks are not running as per usual and the demand for its services has surged 20% since the start of the pandemic. In light of all this, M.I.N.D. has requested for Sparrow & Co. to meet the needs of 60 residents. Altogether, we aim to supply sixteen weeks of farm fresh produce to over a hundred Torontonians living in poverty through the summer and fall.

     Sparrow & Co. is just three years young. We are a not for profit, social enterprise. Without your help, we cannot meet this very real and immediate need and we do not want to turn anyone away. Consider purchasing a Classic Share or Hearty Share in order to sponsor a family for the summer and fall season. Even the gift of food for a week, two weeks, or a month would make a difference. We implore you, friends, join us in the battle against this food crisis. Please give generously, please give sacrificially. Give Back, and Hunger No More.

(For more information about our community partners, please visit "GIVE BACK" on our webpage)

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