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Summer Memories

Fall has come and with it the colder weather and rain (and even snow today). Covid19 it has made it a different sort of season for all of us. As you know, in spring Sparrow Gardens had to say good-bye to the land we had grown on but because of that we were able to do a brand new thing and sell our plants!

It was wonderful being able to meet some of our customers and even being able to keep in touch with some of you as you grew your plants. I thought it might be fun to look back on a few pictures from the summer.

I had many people send pictures of their garden with plants they bought from Sparrow. Unfortunately, I lost my phone and lost the pictures with it, but here are a few I was able to keep. Hope you enjoy them! And thank-you to all who sent in pictures!

This one here is our last tomato donation to M.I.N.D.

Grace seems to be the beet growing queen!

Beautiful Mushroom Basket and St. Pierre tomatoes that Phil grew. Baskets and hats full of bright red tomatoes!

Jessica's tomato plants and garden are lovely. Nice work trying to keep the critters out! Did it work?

And these last ones are just a few pics of the garden we grew for M.I.N.D. in Grace's backyard.

Enjoy your winter rest! We look forward to seeing you in the spring.

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