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Spring Notes

I went for a walk this week with a dear friend who took these pictures of each sign of spring that we came across. Soon I will be able to write about new things and new news but today I am going to share the signs of spring that I saw.

Spring is actually coming late this year but I am fine with that since I haven't been able to get on land and plant yet. The greenhouse is full and I am just waiting for the go ahead.

These crocus' and snow drops were such a welcome sight. Last year the snowdrops were blooming on March 17th and the crocus April 1st. So that shows how behind we are. We do not even have trees blooming or leafing out although many appear to beginning.

Lastly, here are a few pictures of the animals we saw on our walk and I will leave it there. See if you can find the what I think is a red bellied woodpecker (it sounded like one but I wasn't close enough to be sure) and the painted turtle enjoying the sun. Of course the mallard ducks are easy to spot. Everything was enjoying spring that day.

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