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Sparrow's Volunteer Community

I had quite a few surprises last year, but one of the biggest ones is how many people felt drawn to volunteer at Sparrow. I think because of us moving from 1/4 acre to 1.4 acres in a whole different place, I didn't realize how many people would find us and be excited to join in. I think my thoughts were that it would take some time for people to come, but it was almost as if once we opened the volunteer section after getting covid regulations in place, people came, and then more people, then groups, and consistent volunteers until I really felt the joy of a community who desired not only to pitch in to help provide fresh vegetables to those in need, but also to care for each other as they were on the land.

People came for many different reasons. Some people wanted to learn how to grow better, some wanted to give back, some needed to get volunteer hours for highschool, some I think felt bad for me that I was working 1.4 acres and it looked like SO much work.

And these people didn't remain just "people" but became friends, not just with me but with each other. They became a deep support for me as I went about my daily chores. Being able to look up from harvesting a pepper and seeing a volunteer planting snap peas in a row a few blocks down encouraged me to press on because what we were doing mattered in so many ways. When I woke up on a day that was harder for me to get moving but knew someone was going to join me on the farm, it was a great motivation to get there.

I am hoping we get to tell you more about the people who came and served and helped grow and shape Sparrow Gardens as it was in 2021. I also hope to be able to write about stories of people who help in this coming year. I am so thankful that the farm is not just about growing food but growing relationships and us working together to serve, support and love our community and those in need.

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