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Seeds and New Beginnings (2022)

On this sunny February day I am so thankful to be sitting in my favorite chair with a hot cup of tea, my new farming journal and my first batch of seeds that I ordered. I can't wait to begin sowing, but it isn't quite time yet for that. Soon. Very soon.

Plans are being laid, and although some things will not go to plan (as a farmer you are always shifting yet it is still important to plan!), the year looks full of possibilities.

Currently there are quite a few unknowns, but we at Sparrow have lived with many unknowns and always we have been brought through, carried into a new year with new joys, relationships, vegetables, volunteers and of course hardships which make the joys even that much greater.

This year one of my hopes is to keep this blog post on a weekly basis. I want to be able to more clearly see the year spread out in pictures and stories before me at the touch of my finger. So here is my first 2022 entry.

SEEDS!! They came!!! Want to see some of the items that we are hoping to grow this year? These ones are from Baker's Creek. They come from the States so I had to order them earlier. My Ontario seed company has not yet even shipped my order so I am thankful for this small packet. In fact, many seed companies are still having issues with getting their seeds out to their costumers due to covid restrictions. Prayerfully all our seeds will arrive on time to be planted!

Look at this one! Barry's Crazy Cherry tomato. It is new to me, but I have seen many market garden farmers online grow these and find it as prolific as the picture. I can just imagine the taste of these sweet yellow cherries as they pop in my mouth. Oh yum!

And of course some cosmos. The cosmos from last year were so pretty. I had to retry just a few new ones.

And this free package of Japanese Wasabi Radish below, I would never have thought to buy, but I will try growing it and see if anyone enjoys it!

That's the thing with a market garden. It doesn't have to be completely precise. With each year we learn, we grow, we make mistakes, we try new things. It is part of what makes this a complete joy.

For all you gardeners out there, you know what I mean. I hope you enjoy your planning season as much as I do!

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