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Looking Back On The Plant Sale

You have all made our plant sale such a joy! I had thought that selling our plants this year would be a melancholy experience for me, but instead the positivity it brought has made me hope we are able to do it again next year.

In saying goodbye to the little plant babies we were introduced to many wonderful new customers. We met people gardening for their first time, others who have gardened most of their lives and many in between. My wonderful husband volunteered to do deliveries for us and would come back with stories about beautiful gardens and the people who created them. He came back with encouraging words from the people he interacted with and even gifts from them! In the picture below of my husband, the mask was a gift from a creative customer.

For me, mostly over text and email, it was exciting to interact with you all and hear parts of your lives and learn a bit about your garden. Thank-you to each and every one of you for supporting Sparrow and Co. and for the unique and delightful presence you have brought to our company by buying plants and being who you are. I hope you have such an bountiful, safe growing season!

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