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Land Ho! The new Sparrow nest

Yay for new land!!

Our land may not look like much in the throws of a late spring with leafless trees and barren ground but life is stirring and change is coming.

You can't see them in this tiny pic, but there are nine vultures enjoying the warm weather we had on Sunday.

As I was carving out our first growing block, brown butterflies flitted past me, blue jays and chick-a-dees sang their spring songs, and I came across many, many worms enjoying the roots of last year's growth. LIFE!!!

I can't wait to see our land change as we get established and the roots of our plants begin to reach deep and grow strong. I can't wait to see how things transform and to experience the stories that will happen as the season goes on. I can't wait to be able to write about them here.

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