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Is Black Krim the Best Tomato?

My son helped me take a picture of the baby tomatoes that are poking their heads out of the soil this year. Each year it is so encouraging to see the beauty of life and green while the snow is outside or the days are grey. It is also really exciting to know that these tomatoes pictured here will grow up to become my favorite tomato; the Black Krim!

This smoky, sweet, juicy tomato is an heirloom that was bred in Crimea , the Ukrainian island, and the seeds were taken around the world after the Crimean war of 1856. Some think it looks ugly but most love the taste. I have won many over with my passionate pleas to at least give it a taste, because it is THE BEST! At least, right now it is the best to me, but I am always trying new tomatoes.

Here are some that we planted and harvested last year: Lemon Boy, Sunrise Bumblebee Cherry and Black Cherry, Costoluto Genovese and Mushroom Basket... Each has it's own flavor, texture and juiciness. I believe there is a tomato out there for everyone. A tomato that far surpasses anything that we would get in the grocery store. An exciting adventure for your tastebuds. Maybe you already have a favorite tomato! Or maybe this year you will find out which one you think is THE BEST!

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