The Sparrow & Co. team is a fun, laugh-loving, hard working group of staff and volunteers. We are passionate people who know that our work impacts the city and neighbourhoods around us. We farm for the love of good food and to provide farm fresh produce to the under resourced & at-risk among us. Our farm manager will mentor and teach our Farm Workers everything they need to know to succeed in their role. If you're interested in joining our team, forward your resumé to along with your contact information and the role you are applying for. We look forward to hearing from you!


LOCATION: Richmond Hill, Ontario

DESCRIPTION: FULL TIME, 12 week contract 


As a farm worker you will get your hands dirty and work hard rain or shine! This is a great opportunity for someone who enjoys physical labour and working outdoors. If you enjoy contributing your skills and learning new ones while participating in a team environment, we want to hear from you!



  • Planting seeds - using a Jang seeder, hand sowing and sowing seed trays 

  • Harvesting produce including washing and packing produce as well as washing and sanitizing harvest bins, knives, packing bins, refrigerator, spinner, scissors and anything else used in the harvesting 

  • Logging Produce by making sure to keep the binder up to date that logs when we have washed and sanitized these items 

  • Arranging flower bouquets for customers 

  • Make and maintain beds with weeding and water by hand or by irrigation as the bed needs

  • Set up irrigation row covers - set up, take down, storage spraying plants with non-chemical foliar sprays, such as compost tea or a stinging nettle tea (we use organic practices and will not use chemicals on the produce)

  • Keep track of produce and sales able to update the computer with logs of what chores are done, how long it took, the weight of what was harvested

  • Assist with the CSA’s by setting up, serving the customers, chatting with them, helping them get their order 

  • Responsible for keeping the shed and packing station tidy and organized by putting each tool back in their place 

  • Follow strict cleaning and sanitizing practices 

  • Turn the compost using a wheelbarrow, stirrup hoe, dutch hoe, jang seeder, shovels, harvesting knives and other non motored tools 

  • Use a weed wacker and lawnmower if comfortable and after the lead farmer has gone through health and safety and if not comfortable only the lead farmer will use (The youth will NOT be allowed to use the tiller) 

  • Help put produce bins, tables, and other equipment in and out of the vehicle for setting up stands as needed

  • Helping with the set up and take down at the farmer's market (if applicable), taking payments (cash or square) and making change, talking with customers about the produce and making them comfortable 

  • Help to direct and support volunteers when they come to help out 

  • Responsible to learn and follow health and safety guidelines, WHIMIS and Food Handling Safety as it relates to unprocessed produce



  • Ability to think through solutions to issues on the farm - we want their brain, not just their strength. 

  • Ability to be punctual, helpful and do their best to learn the new skills

  • Strong Communication Skills with a focus in building relationships with customers and volunteers

  • Able to take direction well and work as a team



Fast-paced environment; Work under pressure; Repetitive tasks; Physically demanding; Attention to detail; Combination of sitting, standing, walking; Standing for extended periods; Bending, crouching, kneeling



LOCATION: Richmond Hill, Ontario

DESCRIPTION: PART TIME, 8 week contract


We are looking for a caring and enthusiastic individual to join our team as the Communications Specialist. We have a lot of heart and stories to share. As the Communications Specialist, you will be responsible for helping Sparrow & Co. get our story out to others through our social media and communication channels like Facebook and Instagram. You will create clear, concise, and engaging content. You will be responsible for keeping social media channels up to date and seeking out new social media avenues and ways of connecting with audiences in the non-profit industry to attract brand awareness. The role will include attending the social outreach functions and farm operations where the incumbent will be responsible for taking photographs and videos of the business operations on the farm and editing for publication on our website and social media channels



  • Promote Sparrow & Co. through the use of digital and social media strategies and technologies

  • Follow and implement social media strategy created by Sparrow & Co. Directors

  • Create, edit, and share daily content on Social Media Platforms (posts, images, videos, etc) that builds connections and communicates the Sparrow Story 

  • Engage with Customers, Staff and Volunteers to communicate and share their Sparrow experiences with the community

  • Engage the Social Media Community within each platform to increase the visibility of content and build relationships with customers and followers 

  • Ensure content is standardized within the Sparrow & Co. Communication guidelines 

  • Use creative skills to take pictures, videos, reels, etc. and edit as required

  • Other duties as assigned




  • Previous experience using social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc)

  • Competent with Photoshop and/or has the ability or motivation to create content by learning to use Photoshop

  • Experience using social media platforms for social networking and community engagement

  • Writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills

  • Ability to take creative direction, but then work independently on deliverables 

  • Good multi-tasking and organizational ability with strong attention to detail

  • Has a creative eye for photography and digital editing