Kids in Vegetable Farm

To our dear farm members...

     Farm life comes with many highs and lows. Through it all we are thankful for the opportunity to grow good food in healthy and sustainable ways. It makes us happy that customers eating our veggies know that they are also doing their part to address the food security issues in our cities. Healthy and fresh vegetables for you means healthy and fresh vegetables for someone in need. With us, it's that simple.   


     We will be sharing updates on the farm on this page, including pictures and important information regarding your veggie share. Check back here from time to time to find out what's new at Sparrow Gardens! 

Farm Team

Our farm team is led by our farm manager, Tasha Kang. We are so grateful that in 2021 we were able to hire two full time staff under the Canada Summer Youth Jobs program from the government of Canada. Andrew joined our team in May and Chaela joined us at the end of June. Together, the farm team worked hard in rain or shine to care for our farmland. A big thank you to our Sparrow Farm Team for all that they did to ensure everyone got fresh and healthy foods throughout the farming season!


Veggie Share

If you are new to having a veggie share, remember to be patient with yourself.  Just as we take our time to learn about our new land, a veggie share takes a bit of a learning as well.  Thankfully we will be sharing tips and hints to help you adjust.  You may have questions such as, "How do I store this vegetable?" Or "I have a lot left over at the end of the week, what can I do so it doesn't go to waste?"  Or "How do I cook mizuna?  Should I cook mizuna?"  These are questions that we want to help you with! So if you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out! According to other veggie share farms, it takes around 3 years for someone to feel like they are a pro at having a share. Email me at and I will do my best to guide you through!  


If I am unable to pick up one week can I double on next week's share?

Here are answers to a few variations
of this question:

1) Yes, we have some wiggle room to make this happen, however, please give us advanced notice. Giving our farm team a heads up will helps us know how to manage our harvest. Remember, your Veggie Share is harvested the day you come to pick up your share! 


2) Let us know if you ask someone to pick up your share on your behalf. Email us their name and phone number, and the day of your pick up!


3) You also have the option to donate your share. This means we include more food  for our charity partners for that week!


How will I know what will be in my share this week?

You can see on the HARVEST CALENDAR what vegetable varieties will be available and when.  However, this may vary because of weather and other factors.  Part of being a farm member is experiencing the ups and downs of farm life along with us (unlike the usual supermarket experience).  Everything is incredibly fresh and delicious, but you may not have the exact varieties you want exactly when you want it.   


Each Saturday, Farmer Tasha will send out a members-only newsletter.  In it she will share some sneak peaks of life on the farm and also let you know what you can expect to see in your veggie share that week!

What if I really dislike something in my veggie share?

Oh, the joys of trying new foods! One of the great things about having a veggie share (especially a Farmer's Choice share) is that you get to experience foods you would never think to buy, try, or cook! Some varieties you have never even heard of! Inevitably, there will be some veggies you hate (I know more than a handful of people who find celery disgusting). Check back on our RECIPES page to discover new ways of cooking or preparing your veggies. However, you do have the option of asking our farmer to never include such a variety in your share ever again. We will gladly make a note of it on your account! 

When I choose to donate my share for the week, where does the food go?

This year, Sparrow & Co. has partnered with three local charitable organizations: M.I.N.D., Safe Families Canada, and Master's Pantry. Every week, we deliver to one of these organizations. When there is a week that you cannot pick up your share, are on vacation, or if you have more food than you can eat in a week, you can choose to donate either some or all of your share. Just contact our farmer and let her know! Check out our GIVE BACK page to read more about our charitable partners. 

Frequently Asked Questions