Frequently asked questions

Why buy a veggie subscription?

Beacuse... 1) you'll know where your food is coming from. 2) you'll enjoy getting to know your farmer. 3) you can learn about our farming practices. 4) you care about sustainable agricuture. 5) you will be supporting a small local business. 6) you care about consuming very fresh, tasty, and nutrient dense food 7) you want to try new vegetables and eat seasonally

What veggies will be included in my veggie subscription?

Here is an example of the vegetable varieties you would receive during the season: Classic Share: Spring - arugula, lettuce mix, radish, mint, peas Summer - carrots, beets, tomato, lettuce, parsley Fall - beans, squash, pepper, parsley, zuc, tomato Hearty Share: Spring - arugula, lettuce mix, radish, cuc, peas, thyme, mint, fun jen, kale Summer - tomato, cherry tomato, beet, zuc, lettuce, parsley, cilantro, beans, carrots Fall - squash, tomato, cuc, zuc, carrot, oregano, hot pepper, garlic, choi

Can I split the cost of my veggie subscription with another person?

Of course! Although there isn't a way to split the cost on our online payment plan, you can arrange with your friends, relatives, or neighbours to share the subscription in whatever way you would like.

What is a 'Classic Share' and what is a 'Hearty Share'?

A Classic Share is good for a single person or a couple if they a moderate amount of veggies through the week (as side dishes). It consists of 4-5 veggie varieties per week A Hearty Share is good for a large family, a vegan couple, or a smaller family that eats a substantial amount of veggies. It contains 7-8 vegetable varieties per week. Because this option is slightly cheaper for the season, it makes it the perfect portion for two people to share the cost and split the veggies!

How many vegetables are in each 'variety' that I receive?

The amount of vegetables you receive will be weighed and measured. Thus, a variety of carrots would be a bunch of carrots weighing up to 2lb. A variety's worth of tomatoes would be as many as would weight 1lb.

What if I'm away for a week and can't collect my subscription?

Our veggie subscription allows you to choose 16 weeks out of a 22 week season you would like to receive your veggies. Choose the weeks that work best for you. If a week unexpectedly comes up, you can email the farmer and see if it is possible to change weeks.

What if I have to cancel one of my weeks at the last minute or I miss it?

You do have the option to have others pick up your subscription for you. Please contact our farmer directly about any changes you need to make. However, if a pickup is missed due to a last minute emergency or cancellation, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your produce will be donated to one of our charitable partners.

Do I get to choose my own vegetable?

If Covid-19 quarantine is still in effect, our farmers will be choosing your vegetables. You will be given the opportunity to let us know if there is a certain vegetable type you do not want and we will give you a substitution. Once the quarantine is lifted and Sparrow can setup our pop-up stand at the pickup location, veggies will be displayed and you will have the opportunity to choose a few of your varities.

What if I don't like one of the garden varieties?

In our experience, customers who were hesitant about trying new vegetable types were pleasantly surprised! However, if you are certain that you will not enjoy a particular vegetable, please let us know via email when you sign up. Our farmers will try their best to substitute with a different veggie.

What vegetables do you grow at Sparrow Gardens?

Greens - Spring and Fall with lettuce going throughout the summer - Arugula, lettuce mixes, head lettuce, Asian greens (mizuna, fun jen, choho, red giant mustard, tatsoi), Choi, spinach, swiss chard, kale, callaloo Herbs - Depends on the season for what is available. Chives are mostly spring, and Basil is mostly summer - basil, cilantro, parsley, thyme, lavendar, dill, chive, green onion Garlic - scapes in spring, bulbs in summer to fall Beans - summer to fall - snap beans Peas -Spring- sugar snap Beets - summer to fall Carrots - summer to fall - baby and medium Cucumbers - summer to fall Peppers - summer to fall Hot Peppers - summer to fall Radish - spring and fall Summer Squash - golden crookneck, zucchini - summer to fall Winter Squash - fall Tomatoes - summer to fall - large heirlooms and cherry varieties items in shorter supply such are salad turnip, mibuna and sprouting broccoli. We also grow flowers, veggie plant starts, and succulents.

Is Sparrow Gardens implementing new COVID-19 regulations?

Due to the coronavirus, we have had to adapt to new changes and regulations in order to keep our team and our customers safe. Our COVID-19 procedures require that all produce be washed and packed in a sanitized area. When picking and packing our workers are wearing masks and gloves. Also as per government regulations, no sick worker is allowed to work for two weeks or until they are well, whichever will take more time.

How will I get my Veggie subscription after my purchase?

Due to the coronavirus, we have changed our pick up and drop off procedures. Customers who live along the routes specified on our website will have the option to receive a no-fee delivery. If you live along a different route, Sparrow Gardens has secured two pick-up locations for your convienence.